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01. Hungry Ghosts

An anthem for the outsider, for all those who feel alienated by the crazy rat races of modern culture, the lost, the lonely, the broken, the sad, the ones who feel there’s no place for them in this mad world, the ones who don’t really belong anywhere, and feel different, or are downright judged as outcasts and excluded. For the ones who escape to the ‘’Other Side of Midnight’’, and the ‘’Dark Side of the Moon’’, to get away from the noise and chaos of the dayshine world, preferring to be wrapped in the luxuriant darkness, while they dream of a better life.

The angelic choirs of the backing vocals, crying out beyond infinity and to the stars, a siren call to find the others, a song of alienation but also of hope, of yearning for something more, something that we can only find – on the Other Side of Midnight. The personal lyrics, evolve into a universal anthem of longing to find one’s tribe, and somewhere we can belong.

02. Red Wine

The solitary artist, isolated from the world, alone in her candlelit room, with a bottle of red wine and a piano. A song of yearning for poetry, magic, romance ‘’outside the world is dark and cold, I need some poetry to warm my soul’’, she sings, sitting at her piano, making love to the ivory keys by the light of a waning moon, while outside the rain beats heavily against the windows. Gentle, almost spoken verses, crescendo to a passionate chorus of longing and melancholy, soaring upwards on top of ethereal backing vocals and a moody piano, crying out for the beauty and the poetry and the magic that seems so absent from the prosaic dayshine world.

03. Tragedy

A song about the torment of loving someone in the throes of addiction. Wanting to escape and yet being unable to let go of your ‘’Tragedy’’, the chaotic drama of a toxic relationship that you refuse to give up on. An impassioned plea to one’s lover ‘’won’t you just give it all up’’. The sparse piano arrangement and the bluesy sound carry the vocals from an almost whispered beginning to the anguished heights of the chorus, finally coming down to the quiet resignation of ‘’How can I live? Without my Tragedy’’.

04. Love we Lost

A yearning anthem for lost love, the nostalgic remembrance of things past, an elegy for a breakup that you never thought would happen, for a love you thought would last forever; right until the end. The soaring vocals of the chorus ‘’we had it all we let it die, so see you again in another life’’ blend into the dramatic piano & melancholy strings, resigned at first, but then building up to an intense climax as the whole orchestra kicks in for the last, yearning chorus, coming down to the final, nostalgic declaration ‘’we’ll be sitting in a bar in the cigarette smoke, trying hard to forget about the love we lost’’.

05. Here Comes the Flood

A furious break up song, with a hefty dose of sarcasm, and a not very well concealed hint of desperation, one minute gleefully stating that ‘’there is nothing in the world that I would ever give up for you my baby’’, the next screaming ‘’never thought that I would miss you but I do’’, so – ‘’Here comes the Flood’’. The flood being both the floods of tears cried AND the gleeful and wilful destruction of the ex lover and everything to do with them.

06. The Wanderlust Interlude

Not all who wander are lost. But some are, walking along thorny paths in the middle of nowhere, wandering, wandering, from  place to place, time to time, strangers to whatever surroundings they find themselves in, yet blending in as part of the scenery. Nostalgic for a time and place that we never even knew, seeking something that we’re not sure we’d recognise if we found it. Eternal wanderers, through the torturous mazes of our lives.

07. Chocolate Morphine

A song about the alienation of the modern day world, the search for some sort of meaning or sense to it all, and the emptiness we so often feel inside. A dream, a reverie of roses on rainy days, castles in the clouds, candy coloured light, fantasies of kingdoms and crowns, all while ‘’walking in the rain’’, yet feeling like there’s something so much more hidden behind the veil of prosaic reality, a dreamworld, perhaps a real world, realer than this, where we are all ‘’gods of ice and flame’’, struggling to find our way back home to the kingdoms that we lost once upon a long time ago.

08. Heaven

An impassioned prayer from a fallen angel who agrees with Nietzsche’s flamboyant declaration that God is, indeed, quite dead. And yet, and yet, the  soaring ‘’All is lost if there’s no heaven’’, seems to call out to something beyond the endless struggles and triviality of normal life in the dayshine world, to something more, something higher, to a paradise lost, a paradise we all yearn for even though perhaps we’ve never seen it before.

09. Me & The Sea

Insert Song Description

10. Ashes

All the people we used to love, all the places we once called home, what have they left behind but beautiful memories, and ashes. And we leave small parts of us – Ashes – with all the people we once loved, and in all the places that we’ve been.  Letting go is the hardest thing to do, and when one loves it is forever, not time, nor space, nor death can separate two people who’s hearts beat as one. A song of leave taking, a regretful goodbye, and yet, with the heartfelt promise that no matter what, if you ‘’call me in the dark’’, ‘’I will always be there’’. The pieces of our heart left behind in all the people, places and things that we have loved and lost are like, ‘’the nightingales song in the first light of dawn’’, always with us, and nothing that was truly loved, can ever be truly lost.

11. Escape

The desire to escape from wherever we are, from whoever we are can sometimes be overwhelming. And yet, can we ever escape from the one thing we’d like to escape from the most; ourselves? The gentle psychedelic verses bloom into the dreamy and ethereal chorus, ‘’I wanna escape from here’’, followed by the bittersweet realisation that ‘’but everywhere I go, all I know is the beating of my heart’’. A bob dylanesqe song with pink floydian vibes, carries this bittersweet message up to the frustrated climax of the bridge, the screams of ‘’tell me why, though I try, all that I do seems to wither and die’’ only to come back down to the almost beautiful sense of melancholy, of yearning and of a not very hidden longing for adventure, poetry, magic, something new and unexperienced, the sometimes almost unbearable desire to just pack all one’s things into a bag, and just ‘’drive, into the night’’. To where, it little matters, as long as it’s somewhere far away, as long as there are four wheels and an endless road, we’ll keep on going and going and going until one day, perhaps, we will find what we were searching for, and perhaps, just perhaps, realise we had it all along.

September 9, 2021