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Venus Blake is a Singer-Songwriter, Pianist, Guitarist and Poet, born and raised in London Uk of Greek and Russian-Jewish parents. She is currently living a bohemian lifestyle based in a little attic somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Italy. A classically trained pianist, she started playing piano at the age of five, as well as briefly experimenting with the violin, organ and cello. Undecided whether to become an opera singer, a poet or a concert pianist, she found her true calling in pop music, writing her first song – called ‘’Moonlight Whispers’’ – at the age of nine. In her teens she performed with local musical theatre companies, sang in choirs and formed her own rock bands where she first got a taste of the ecstasy of Rock’n’Roll.

A wild child in her teens, she ran away from home at 16 to pursue her music, and travelled around Europe performing with various tribute bands, playing in piano bars and sometimes even busking, something her gypsy soul always found extremely poetic. She wrote songs for other artists and bands and worked as a session musician, as well as occasionally doing some modelling, while refining her craft as a songwriter, a pianist and vocalist.

While in Italy, she met italian music producer Lex Mars and this meeting was the catalyst to bringing Venus’s own music to the forefront. Co-founding an indie label with Lex Mars ‘’Dynasty Records’’ she began pursuing her own project as a solo artist and songwriter. Experimenting with various genres in order to find her own voice, she released a few electro pop singles before eventually coming full circle to where she was always most in her element – sitting behind a piano, pouring her heart out in dramatic, dark melodies, ballads, poetry in music, honest and volatile and true. She is a soulful singer-songwriter, the girl at the piano, with the music front and centre, with heartfelt songwriting at its core, backed up by powerhouse vocals and impressive piano skills.

Her debut album ‘’The Other Side of Midnight’’ is an intimate look into Venus Blake’s dark, gothic soul, it’s an album for the outsider, with personal, intimate lyrics, emotional vocals, and simple atmospheric productions, ten tracks that take you on a journey through the other side of midnight, from darkness into the light. The album is the quintessence of the piano driven Singer-Songwriter genre which Venus Blake is most at home in, bringing to mind artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Adele, Tori Amos, Freddie Mercury, Christina Perry and Amy Lee, who along with Halsey, Lana del Rey, 80s rock (and Beethoven) are Venus’s biggest inspirations as an artist and songwriter.

n the rare moments where she’s not making music, Venus loves reading obscure books no one has ever heard of, studying philosophy, writing endless poetry, going on long road trips with no destination, exploring ruins, watching sunsets from rooftops, getting completely lost in nature and dancing in the pouring rain. She speaks five languages, is an inveterate bookworm, and will soon release her first book; a compilation of poetry, as a companion to her debut album. She’s passionate about women’s rights, children’s rights, the lgbt community and removing the stigma from mental health and addiction

As an artist her goal is to reach people’s hearts with her music, trusting that songs that come from the heart – can go straight to the heart of her fans, followers and listeners. That’s the magic of music – in just three-four minutes you can change the course of someone’s life, inspire or console, create the soundtrack for poetic moments and put into words and music the essence of what it means to be human. Ordo ab chao, beauty out of darkness, is her motto.

Welcome to the Other Side of Midnight 🌹🌙

September 7, 2021